About Us

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Serving the Metro New York area for over 50 years!

North Shore Neon Sign Co. is one of today’s signage design, manufacturing and installation leaders. Our broad range of specialized services provides our clients with everything they should expect, from concept to completion. Our world-class signature can be seen on many signs that are seen throughout New York, especially in the famed Times Square.

Established in 1954, North Shore Neon Sign Co. has been providing signage solutions in the New York Metropolitan region and its surroundings for over 50 years. Folks can’t help but notice our installation fleet in and around Times Square and will stop our crew on a daily basis to take photos of them and the equipment. The nostalgia and magnificence of signage is alive and well in New York and we like to think we help keep it that way.

Our bright red & white cranes and equipment have been attracting the attention of New Yorkers, as well as tourists who visit New York City, while we install tremendous signage spectaculars high above street level in all parts of New York City. Whether we are outfitting a new retail store with the most up to date L.E.D. content boards or refurbishing a classic neon display, our mission to keep New York the brightest city in the world is an ongoing and exciting one.