Installation Services


You’ll see them in corporate corridors and supermarkets. Hung from multi-story office complexes and adorning rooftops. At airports, banks, civic centers, and shopping plazas. From real estate site signs to brightly lit time and temperature displays, North Shore Neon Sign Co. – installed interior and exterior sign systems occupy some of the most prominent spots in New York City. Our installation crews are expert in a full range of sign applications. With our fleet of vehicles and advanced installation equipment, we can handle any sign, of any size, in any location. North Shore Neon Sign Co. sets rigorous standards in installation. We follow a multi-tiered inspection program that ensures satisfaction. Our years of experience in the industry, attention to detail and ethic of personal service have forged a solid reputation in installation and maintenance. North Shore Neon Sign Co. offers installation and maintenance contracts for single or multiple site sign programs.