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Playstation Theater, NYC

NSN was contacted by the AEG Live! Team in late regarding re-branding the Best Buy Theater. All of this was very hush-hush and we were asked to be as discreet as possible. We worked closely with the facility and the Sony Management Team and subsequently their graphic people. As you can imagine protecting the brand was paramount but since we were working in Times Square, where “you go big or you go home” and that we were dealing with some fixed dimension we may have to modify on the fly. We walked the “Square” with the Sony management team and they got a sense of what they were looking for. From there the North Shore Graphic Team took over and since we were already intimate with the property since we had branded this Marquee twice before we did have the advantage the restriction we had. We put together the best “line of site” renderings based on the location being just of the corner of Broadway and 44th Street. All of this went back to the Sony branding team and they loved what they saw but tweaked it just enough to hold the PlayStation parameters. One small request……we want the background to illuminate as well. This inspired us because we know from experience this is not an easy task. Production and engineering worked hand in hand and came up with a design that met this request. Within a couple of weeks we had approved rendering as well as mechanicals. Now we just need to translate from paper to an actual sign and get it all done in under 3 weeks (including permits). North Shores production team turned up the heat and not only blew it out but as you can see the finished product is looks as amazing as the renderings, not an easy feat. With demo done and pre-electric in place, we went under the cover of darkness and with the signs hidden under opaque banner material we installed the signage. The only thing left was the “revel” again without a hitch. With The Sony producer directing our crew, on their cue the banners were lifted and the PlayStation Theater was officially born. It was a pleasure working with everyone from AEG, and Sony. North Shore loves a challenge and again never fails to deliver not just the finest product but on time!